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Lunata Hair Partners with Joe Mimran and Gibraltar & Company


TORONTO, January 8, 2019— Toronto-Based Beauty Tech Company, Lunata Hair, Partners with Joe Mimran and Gibraltar & Company

Gibraltar & Company is thrilled to announce a partnership with Lunata Hair, a beauty tech brand whose mission is to free women from cords. Gibraltar & Company will be investing in the Toronto-based beauty tech company founded by Monica Abramov and Anastassia Boguslavskaya and providing strategic direction for Lunata's future.

"Like all true entrepreneurs, Monica and Anastassia saw a need in the market and filled it. With its debut product, Lunata is poised to become a force in the emerging beauty tech market, and I'm looking forward to help fuel the growth of the business," cited Joe Mimran, Co-Founder and Chairman of Gibraltar & Company.

"With Joe's strong roots in retail and branding and Gibraltar's expertise in omnichannel growth, this partnership will be invaluable to the business and future growth of the company. We could not think of better partners," Anastassia Boguslavskaya, the company's CMO, said.

Lunata Hair cordless styling products have been designed for a fast-paced world and are currently sold at Nordstrom.com, Amazon, Holt Renfrew in Canada and will soon be available at Ulta Beauty.

In addition, the company is anticipating the launch of their cordless, rechargeable curling iron/wand, which will launch at CES in Las Vegas in January 2019.

About Lunata Hair

Lunata Hair is on a mission to free women from cords. We combine beauty with tech to revolutionize the hair industry by designing innovative, game-changing hair tools. Founded in 2017 by Monica Abramov and Anastassia Boguslavskaya, Lunata Hair specializes in wireless and portable styling products, including hair straighteners and curling wands. Products are currently available online on Lunatahair.com, Nordstrom.com, and Amazon.com/ca. The Cordless Styler will be available at Holt Renfrew stores across Canada starting at the end of November.

Follow Lunata @lunatahair on Instagram and facebook.com/lunatahair on Facebook or on their website at www.lunatahair.com.

About Gibraltar Ventures

Gibraltar’s vision is to proactively contribute to the emergence of the next cohort of great Canadian consumer branded technology companies. Our business purpose is to make early to mid-stage portfolio companies stronger and more competitive by accelerating their speed-to-market. We provide portfolio companies with strategic and business development expertise, access to our network of senior corporate decision-makers, and expansion capital.

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